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November 19-21, 2013:

The Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Event
Basel, Switzerland
Ecochem: The Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Event

2013 SCA Summit

3 days, 200+ interactive presentation, 8 streams, 160 speakers, 50 exhibitors and 2,000+ visitors

Ecochem is a free exhibition and conference brings together the world's most influential industry and government leaders, scientists, young future leaders and innovators from across the chemical industry and value chains to help you accelerate innovation, research commercialisation and market uptake in the design, production and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes.

Speakers include: DOW, BASF, Clariant, DuPont, Nestle, Nike, Volkswagen, Novartis, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Bioindustrial Innovation Centre, Evonik Cefic European Chemical Industry Council, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC and many more!

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The exhibition and conference will include:
· 200+ speakers each sharing a different new technological advance
· 80 advisory board members supplying the latest knowledge from industry and academia
· 5 free to attend technical conference streams, running over 3 full and action packed days
· 2000+ delegates plus unrivalled networking opportunities both at the event and online to boost your contact network
· 50+ solution providers to help you get ahead with the latest tools and technologies
· Transformational plans that contribute to the collective benefit of people, the planet and profits

Join the world's most powerful industry thought-leaders all in one place, with a new vision for the future of the chemical industry.

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You may also want to secure VIP entry with your 25% discount. Ecochem offers a senior level strategic 3 track conference programme, ideally suited to C-level strategists and senior directors looking for innovative ways to boost profits. Save 25% by registering before 27 September

June 5-7, 2013:

2013 SC Summit
Mapping The Journey From Lab To Market
Montréal, Québec.
2013 SC Summit

2013 SCA Summit

Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders and Investors:

The 2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit, presented by GreenCentre Canada, will map the journey of green chemistry technologies from lab to market.

Following the path of innovation, the Summit will start with sessions on the genesis of discoveries, unfold along each step of the journey toward commercialization, and culminate with a look at real-life examples of technologies that have made it.

The Sustainable Chemistry Summit will connect you, educate you and inspire you - leaving you with the tools you need to chart your own course from lab to market.

May 1-2, 2013:

Workshop: Biomass to Biofuels and Bio-chemicals
Sarnia, Ontario.
Location: Holiday Inn and Conference Centre
Biomass to Biofuels and Bio-chemicals


As we move deeper into the 21st century, the need to manufacture transportation fuels, chemicals and pharmaceuticals with renewable biomass is becoming increasingly apparent.

To convey this message and to bring together biomass and chemical industry stakeholders to discuss renewable options in the new bioeconomy, the Canadian Bioenergy Association, in partnership with the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, will be holding a workshop to discuss various pathways from forest and agricultural biomass to advanced biofuels, bio-chemicals, and bio-products. At this workshop, we will:

Provide an overview of the availability of forest and agricultural biomass;
Discuss current biofuel and bio-chemical developments in Canada, with an emphasis on the Sarnia-Lambton Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster;
Showcase current Canadian bioeconomy projects and technologies;
Highlight overseas developments in bio-refining and bio-chemicals;
and more!

Click Here to Download a Preliminary Agenda for this Event

Post-Conference Tour: On the day following the conference (May 2), we plan to visit some key sites in the Sarnia area pertaining to biofuel and biochemical development, including the Lanxess Bio-Industrial Commercialization Park, Suncor's bio-ethanol production facility (the largest of its kind in Canada), a greenhouse that utilizes waste CO2 from local industry, and more!

Registration: The full price of registering for the one-day workshop is $300, but we have a series of early-bird discounts, and until February 28 the cost is only $230! And as always, CanBio members get additional discounts. The cost of registering for the post-conference tour is $90. You can register by downloading a registration form and submitting it by fax; or you can click here to register online.

Sponsorship: This event is a great opportunity to learn more about the next phase of biomass development, and to promote your company or organization as a key participant in the development of Canada's bioeconomy. Sponsors receive significant exposure through our website and e-blasts, as well as at the event itself. Contact us for more information.

Accommodation: We have negotiated a special guestroom rate of $115 at the Holiday Inn for all conference delegates. To book your room under our room block, click here. Please book your accommodation early, as rooms may run out. Instructions on booking accommodation will be made available shortly.

March 13-14, 2013:

Bio-based Chemicals Conference and Exhibition
Bio-based Chemicals 2013 will be co-located with the 8th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress and Exhibition - which will bring together over 1,500 attendees from every part of the biofuels value chain.
Rotterdam, NL.
World Biofuels Markets


Dr. Murray McLaughlin to Speak at Global Bio-based Chemicals Conference in Rotterdam

Dr. Murray McLaughlin will be speaking at the upcoming Bio-based Chemicals Conference and Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The March 13-14, 2013 event will be part of Europe’s largest bioeconomy event - the 8th Annual World Biofuels Markets. Taking place at the Beurs - World Trade Center, the event deliver the latest strategy updates from the chemical giants, news from successful joint ventures of the past 12 months and key supply chain overviews, as bio-based chemicals and products continue towards commercialization.

Dr. McLaughlin is Executive Director of the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre and President and CEO of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance.

January 28-31, 2013:

4TH Annual Next Generation
Bio-Based Chemicals Summmit

Strategists, financiers, business development officers, product stewards, and R&D directors from chemicals, bioplastics, consumer goods, and agribiz leaders from around the world will convene at the Hilton in San Diego, California for Infocast's Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals Summit. This is a premier global deal-making hub for the sustainable chemicals industry. Dr. Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director of Canada's Bioindustrial Innovation Centre based in Sarnia, Ontario will be moderator and a presenter at this event.
San Diego, CA.
Bio-Based Chemicals Summit


December 5 & 6, 2012:

AGRI Innovation Forum
The Partnering Conference for the Agri-Bioeconomy. Redefining the Opportunity Landscape. Connecting Entrepreneurs, Corporate Strategics & Investors.
Calgary, Alberta.


Agri Innovation Forum - The Much Anticipated Partnering Conference

The Agri Innovation Forum is the new, much anticipated annual partnering conference focused on building connective tissue and facilitating meaningful introductions between agri-entrepreneurs, corporate strategics, and investors from across North America. Program content explores cross border syndication, pollination and bio-economy leadership in what is proving to be an era of unprecedented change.

September 28, 2012:

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies Board of Directors/Members Semi-Annual Meeting
Thinking Global
Port Colborne, Ontario Location: Sugarloaf Marina
Ontario Agri-Food Technologies Board of Directors/Members Semi-Annual Meeting

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

9:00 a.m. –12:00 p.m. Board of Directors/Members meeting (OAFT members only)
12:30 – 1:00 p.m. Afternoon session registration
1:00 – 1:15 p.m. Stephen Thompson, Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing –
City of Port Colborne. Port Colborne's Carbohydrate Valley is quickly becoming the site for leaders in Canada's bio-based economy. With road, rail, water and air transportation networks, Carbohydrate Valley's bio-based businesses have strategic access to global markets. Carbohydrate Valley is leading the bio economy as the only location in Canada with local access to corn sweeteners and citric acid. Stephen will present a short video showcasing the area.
1:15 – 2:00 p.m. Sharon Grant, Vice President, Finance & Administration -
Jungbunzlauer Canada. Sharon will provide an overview of the process at the JBL plant in Port Colborne. This plant ferments dextrose supplied by the adjacent Casco plant, using fungi to produce citric acid. Product is supplied to the food and industrial markets. In its ten year history in Port Colborne, the company has reinvested and continues to do so. The citric acid supplies both new world markets and SE Asia.
2:00 – 2:45 p.m. Dean Tiessen, President – New Energy Farms Ltd. Dean will update us on some of the global activities of New Energy Farms, as well as scientific developments on new varieties and planting methods by New Energy Farms. Dean acts globally.
3:00 – 3:45 p.m. Ian Moncrieff, President and CEO – Canadian Biofuel. Ian will outline the creation of Canadian Biofuel (Springford, Ontario) and issues associated with feedstock supply. Importantly, he will talk about global market opportunities. Who would have guessed pellets to Italy in large volumes?
3:45 – 4:30 p.m. Gord Surgeoner, President – Ontario Agri-Food Technologies. Gord will speak of Agriculture: An Economic Engine of Ontario. Agriculture tends to focus on "buy local, Foodland Ontario, business risk management, etc. We need to communicate to governmentand society that the food industry is the number one employer in the manufacturing sector; that there has been or occurring over $2 billion in capital investment in value-added processing in Ontario food, fuel, green chemistry, etc. Primary agriculture is key.
4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Cocktail reception and networking.

This year's annual meeting will be held in Sarnia, Ontario at the Sarnia Golf and Curling Club - 500 Errol Road West, Sarnia, ON N7V 1X7

We will be having four keynote speakers:
Mr. John Cross, Chair, POS Biosciences - "Changing the Greatest Game: Agriculture for a Healthy World".

Dr. Sorin Cohn, President, BD COHNsulting - "Gaining Economic Value beyond Research & Development".

Mr. Don O'Connor, President, (S&T)2 Consultants Inc. - "Environmental Issues with Feedstocks for Biofuels & Biochemicals".

Mr. Brian Baynes, Partner, Flagship Ventures - "From Innovative Ideas to Commercialization - a VC Perspective".

March 28-29, 2012:

Bioeconomy Innovation Forum
Sarnia, Ontario.

Bioeconomy Innovation Forum

The Bioeconomy Innovation Forum will provide a unique opportunity for decision makers from industry, academia and government to discuss specific challenges or opportunities in the bioeconomy sector. Participants and speakers will discuss actions that can help the sector to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

The Bioeconomy Innovation Forum is an initiative of Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

March 26-28, 2012:

BIC International Conference
Bringing Bioproducts to Market: Overcoming Risks to Commercialization
Sarnia, Ontario.
BIC National Conference

BIC National Conference

Join us in the home of Canada's emerging hybrid chemistry cluster to share up-to-date information about best practices in the bio-economy.

Presented by the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre, this International Conference will provide a unique and outstanding opportunity to learn about and discuss the risks to commercialization of bio-chemicals and bio-products. Share your experience and ideas with industry, government and institutional experts.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that can support a large-scale bio-economy due to its abundant and sustainable biomass resources. Existing and emerging companies are aggressively developing early stage technologies that have the potential to successfully move forward to the commercialization stage.

BIC National Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre, a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research with funding from the Government of Canada.

April 29-May 2, 2012:

2012 Bio World Congress
World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing
Orlando, Florida
2012 Bio World Congress

Bio Conversion Network

The World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing attracts business leaders, investors and policy makers in biofuels, biobased products, and renewable chemicals. Entering its ninth year, the event will bring together more than 1,000 attendees. The Congress offers unique networking opportunities, an overview of the latest technological developments, and real world scenarios for bringing technological solutions to market. The event features discussions of high profile topics related to climate change, sustainability, new sources of fuel, financing, and policy. The conference also offers business partnering opportunities, utilizing a computer system that assists companies and investors in arranging confidential one-on-one meetings with other attendees. This conference will highlight the industry's growth, the importance of this industrial and environmental biotechnology for generating green jobs, making greener products and cleaner processes all aimed at building a biobased economy.

March 13-15, 2012:

World Biofuels Markets 2012
Beurs-World Trade Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
World Biofuels Markets 2012

Bio Conversion Network

The 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition 2012 brings together the entire value chain of the biofuels industry to do business. Europe's largest biofuels conference provides the opportunity for attendees to network with leading experts from the following sectors: aviation biofuels, advanced biofuels, biorefinery platforms, finance & investment, biodiesel production, bioethanol production, automotive futures in bioenergy, biogas in transportation and more. Europe’s largest biofuels congress and exhibition attracts more that 1,500 attendees from more than 60 countries. Dr. Murray McLaughlin, President and CEO of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, is one of the bio-based chemicals speakers at the conference.

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2011:

Bioeconomy 2030: Prospects & Potential
Banff, Alberta.
Bioeconomy 2030: Prospects & Potential

Bio Conversion Network

The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance and Bioindustrial Innovation Centre are sponsors of this event.

In 2030, what will Alberta's bioindustrial sector look like and where will it fit within the global bioeconomy? What will a biorefinery look like and how will it be supplied? What technologies will be widely employed and what products will dominate the market? What impact will the Biorefining Conversions Network have on the sector?

October 24, 2011:

Chem-Biobased Global Partnering Summit
Houston, Texas.
Chem-Biobased Global Partnering Summit

CHEM-Biobased partnering global summit

Dr. Murray McLaughlin will act as moderator for a panel discussion titled The Chemical Industry's Quest for a Biobased Supply Network and Infrastructure.

Driven by a need to meet the demands of consumer product manufacturers and their customers and by the economic necessity of hedging against high oil prices, the chemical industry is busy developing a whole new set of biobased platform chemicals, intermediates and end products. This development process requires the build-out of an entirely new supply network and logistics infrastructure. Partnering arrangements have become a key feature in this build-out. This panel of industry leaders will discuss what business models and strategies members of the industry are exploring to build this network and infrastructure and how partnering fits into the industry's plan.

November 03, 2011:

Manufacturing Technology Network Conference
Sarnia Ontario
Manufacturing Technology Network Conference

CHEM-Biobased partnering global summit

A.J. (Sandy) Marshall, president of Lanxess in Canada and a board member of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (SCA), will be the industry keynote speaker at this year's MTN conference. Other speakers include: Dr. Murray McLaughlin, SCA president and BIC executive director; and Dr. Don Hewson, managing director and industrial liaison at the University of Western Ontario Research Park, Sarnia-Lambton Campus. The conference takes place at The Research Park.

Driven by a need to meet the demands of consumer product manufacturers and their customers and by the economic necessity of hedging against high oil prices, the chemical industry is busy developing a whole new set of biobased platform chemicals, intermediates and end products. This development process requires the build-out of an entirely new supply network and logistics infrastructure. Partnering arrangements have become a key feature in this build-out. This panel of industry leaders will discuss what business models and strategies members of the industry are exploring to build this network and infrastructure and how partnering fits into the industry's plan.