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The Bioeconomy Drives Future Innovation

As we look at the world of the future we see increasing global population, creating increased environmental pressures, as well as climate change and food supply pressures. Based on these pressures, the world will need to change its approach to consumption, production, storage, processing and recycling with a move to a sustainable world. Canada has an opportunity to be a leader in this global change to a bioeconomy.

In March, two events took place in Sarnia, Ontario. The BIC International Conference: Bringing Bioproducts to Market: Overcoming Risks to Commercialization, and SCA's Bioeconomy Innovation Forum. These two programs were designed to build a better understanding of these global challenges and bring them down to a national and provincial perspective on the issues and to ensure that we understand the opportunities of taking on a leadership role.

Holding these meetings in Sarnia was by design, as it is the most developed bio-hybrid chemical cluster in Canada with Suncor Ethanol, S4C02, BioAmber, Methes, Azule, Woodland Biofuels and KmX so far establishing in the Sarnia-Lambton community. This is alongside of our fossil-based businesses of Suncor, CF Industries, Lanxess, TransAlta, Shell, Exxon and Nova Chemicals.

The events were well attended and video of conference sessions will be on the website The outcome has been increased awareness of the opportunities for the bio-based economy, what it will take to be market leaders, and why Canada and Ontario has a unique opportunity to be global leaders in the bioeconomy.

Over the next few months we will see the Canadian and Ontario position solidly around their bioeconomy strategy to be a leader in commercialization of bioproducts. Stay tuned.

Board of Directors Chair Jack Pasternak, far right, was among attendees at the 2012 BIC International Conference in Sarnia on March 26-28BIC Board of Directors Chair Jack Pasternak, far right, was among attendees at the 2012 BIC International Conference in Sarnia on March 26-28

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