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In the book "Blueprint to a Billion" by David Thomson, he produced a leadership formula which is: Blueprint for Leadership = FOCUS on relationships and products, DRIVE to innovate and explore, and ABILITY to manage the 7 Essentials simultaneously (7 Essentials - Value proposition; Market segment; Customers; Alliances; Returns; Management Team; and Board).

Those companies that have been able to focus on all three areas of Focus, Drive and Ability at the same time have been successful. As I read this book and look at the companies we work with at SCA and BIC, I naturally try to see how they can manage this equation. I believe they will do well as they grow, but DRIVE to innovation is a key component at present.

I have had two other examples that point to Sarnia's Road to Prosperity. First was the Annual Meeting of Sarnia-Lambton Workforce Development Board (SLWDB) where they launched their report "Sarnia Lambton Green Economy", which looks at future work force needs in Sarnia-Lambton related to a Green Economy. It is a very good study and probably the first one done by a regional group in Canada. The key now is to attract the green biobased chemistry industry to Sarnia for their full-scale facilities. Understanding the need for green jobs will lead to appropriate training and certification.  

The SCA's annual meeting had keynote speakers who focused on the needs for innovation as a means to build the future products for companies, and to help companies transform their business to meet future growth potential.

Secondly is Naima Raza, a national science fair winner, a grade eight student from Sarnia who made ethanol from newspaper for her science project. See her story in this issue of our newsletter. I believe she will be among the science or business leaders of the future, or both as she develops her skill sets.

Then there is the story told by Premier McGuinty at a recent luncheon about his father and his nine brothers and sisters when they sat around the dinner table. His father would say "No one of us is as strong as all of us; no one of us is as smart as all of us." It instilled a "philosophy of working together".

These segments bring me back to the Blueprint for Leadership and Sarnia. I believe Sarnia has the Focus, Drive and Ability.

Sarnia is focused on the future, but with a desire to also maintain the present through innovation. The region has a drive to become a national cluster, with a focus around Hybrid Chemistry and it has ability through its people to become a true cluster.

To learn more about Sarnia and its future focus of a hybrid chemistry cluster, please contact Murray McLaughlin at SCA, or George Mallay at Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership (SLEP)

Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

Dr.Murray McLaughlin, President & CEO
1086 Modeland Rd. Sarnia, ON N7S 6L2
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Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnersip

George Mallay, General Manager
Building 1050, Suite 100
1086 Modeland Rd. Sarnia, ON N7S 6L2
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